Best Off Road SUVs to Consider

Throughout time, SUVs have become very popular and sought after by drivers. Since the demand has increased, there’s a much wider range of models and trim levels to choose from these days. At Jim Browne Dade City Chevy Buick GMC, we want our customers to consider that not all SUVs are good for off-roading adventures.

For instance, car-based crossover vehicles and truck-based SUVs are normally grouped together in the SUV category. Car-based crossovers are built as unibody (frameless) vehicles. This means compromises have been made in the interest of weight reduction, which reduces off-road capability in the process. 

Rugged SUV Off-Road in Central FLOff-Roading Jeep SUV

Truck-based SUVs, like the Chevrolet Tahoe or Chevrolet Suburban, are body-on-frame vehicles, which are exceedingly equipped for off-roading! For a nice selection of rugged SUVs, feel free to browse our new inventory, as well as our used inventory! And If you’re interested in knowing more about off-roading in a SUV, continue reading along.

Top Things to Know about Off-Roading in Your SUV

1. All-wheel Drive is Key

More often than not, when you drive off the pavement and hit the dirt, the available grip decreases. The good news is that an all-wheel-drive system designed for off-roading can be modified to control wheel slippage by sending power to the wheels that have more grip. 

It’s important to know not every SUV and crossover comes with standard all-wheel drive. It’s usually an option, and in some cases, not even available. Feel free to give us a call if you’re wanting to know more about SUVs that include an all-wheel-drive system!

2. Off-Roading is a Low-speed Adventure.

Did you know there aren’t many SUVs available for high-speed off-road travel? This is because it can be damaging on tires, brakes, and suspensions. Also, a driver or buyer should not judge the performance of a vehicle based on action photography because they’re usually equipped with performance shocks.

Drivers should also keep in mind that off-roading usually means trail-riding and rock-crawling at low speeds, to avoid dangerous obstacles. In some cases, some routes might even require a spotter, who is an observer outside the vehicle that guides the driver over intense terrain. It’s a good idea to schedule a service appointment before you go off-roading to make sure your SUV is running nice and smoothly. For a chance to save some extra money, you can even look into our rotating service specials!

3. Capability Does Not Always Mean Ethical

Always make sure you have permission from the landowner or authorities before you venture off-road. You can also utilize websites such as Tread Lightly and! By doing this, you will make sure you’re not damaging protected environments or habitats. 

Rugged SUV Near Dade City

Are you looking for a Rugged SUV to go on off-road adventures in? Come stop by Jim Browne Dade City Chevy Buick GMC and someone from our sales team will help you from start to finish. If you’re looking to get a head start, you can apply for financing online, where it’s simple, fast, and free! Either way, we look forward to helping you!


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