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Have your tires been showing their age? Is their tread wearing thin, or has it been six months or 6,000 miles since your last tire rotation? If either of those are the case, or if you’re not sure, bring your Chevy truck, car, or SUV to the tire experts at Jim Browne Dade City Chevy Buick GMC as soon as you can.

Tires might not be the most glamorous parts on your Chevy, but they’re some of the most important: they’re the only four points of contact between you and the road, and making sure they grip its surface properly is paramount to a safe drive. How do you know you need new tires? Grab a penny and stick it in a tire-tread, upside-down. If you can see the top of Abe Lincoln’s head over your tire’s tread, bring your Chevy by Jim Browne Dade City immediately. Those treads are worn down.

Wherever you tend to drive, and whatever your tire needs, Jim Browne Dade City Chevy Buick GMC has you covered. Do you need thick off-roading tires for your Chevy Colorado? Rock-solid long-lasting tires for all the commuting around Tampa you do in your Chevy Traverse? Even if you just want to come see what options you have regarding new tires, our team can help you. We’re proud to serve our community in the Dade City, Zephyrhills, Richland, and surrounding areas. Give us a call or schedule a tire appointment online today!

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